Rushnet - High Speed


Rushnet High Speed Internet Access makes your online activities even more enjoyable.  It provides:

 - Amazing download speeds.
 - Affordable monthly rates starting at just $40.95. 
 - Residential bundle paks are available for an even greater savings!

       Residential Speeds*                                   Business Speeds*

$40.95       5M Download/1M Upload*        $60.95       5M Download/1M Upload*
$47.95     10M Download/1M upload*        $70.95       10M Download/1M Upload*
$57.95     20M Download/3M Upload*        $95.95       20M Download/3M Upload*
$100.95   50M Download/10M Upload*      $160.95     50M Download/10M Upload*   
$150.95  100M Download/20M Upload*     $210.95    100M Download/20M Upload*

For more information, call 1-800-824-7282 to speak with a Venture Communications representative. 

*Internet speeds not guaranteed. Some restrictions apply. It is necessary to have dial tone service or a data fee to subscribe to Rushnet Services.