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Our Family History
McClain: McLain, MacLain, MacLaine, MacLane and other spellings.

Scottish root word Mac-Ghille-Eoin means "servant of the sons of John."

13th Century ancestor was Gillean, or Gille-Eathain, known as Gillean-na-Taughe,

"Gillean Of The Battle Axe"


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Clan Badge

MacLaine of Lochbuie Clan Badge "To Conquer Or Die"

Rev. War PA Rgmt. Uniform

Civ War Soldier

  • Our McClain Family in America: 
  • Charles McClain, b. 1712 in Ireland or Isle of Mull, Scotland, emigrated to America ca. 1731, md. Lydia Cheeseman 1751 in Monmouth Co. NJ; d. Fayette Co. PA 1808. 
  • Son: Abijah McClain, b. 1754 in NJ, md. Permelia Doughty who died in 1833, then md. Lydia Way 1836; d. Greene Co. PA 1848. Served in the Revolutionary War in the Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line at the battles of Brandywine and Germantown, then detached to Col. Daniel Morgan's Rifle Regmt. to fight at Saratoga.
  • Son: Abijah McClain Jr., b. 1803 in Greene Co. PA, md. Eliza __?__; d. 1851 in Knox Co. OH. 
  • Son: Daniel Morgan McClain, b. 1823/25 in Greene Co. PA, md. Nancy Laughery 1847 in Knox Co. OH; d. 1865 in Athens AL. Served during Civil War with Co. A, 46th Reg. of Wisconsin Volunteers. Died of Typhoid fever at post hospital in AL. 
  • Son: David L. McClain, b. 1849 in Knox Co. OH, md. Evelyn (Eva) Pierce 1879 in Boone Co. IA; d. 1908 Polk Co. IA. Was a carpenter by trade. 
  • Son: Ralph McClain, b. 1897 in Dallas Co. IA, md. Dora Wessel 1922 in Walworth Co. SD; d. 1967 Perkins Co. SD. Served in WWI with US Marines, A.E.F. in France. Was a railroad worker for the Milwaukee Road.. 
  • Son: Dale McClain, b. 1933 in Corson Co. SD, md. Darlene Borah 1952; d. 2001 while living in Mobridge, SD. Was a factory worker and later a carpenter by trade. Served During the Korean War with US Marines in Japan. 
  • Son: Alan McClain, b. 1953 in Corson Co. SD, md. Karen Lutz 1982 in Walworth Co. SD. Is a law enforcement officer. 
  • Son: David McClain, b. 1988 in Walworth Co. SD. Ninth generation American McClain. 
Maclaine Tartan sampleMaclaine Hunting Tartan sampleMull Tartan sampleMaclaine Dress Tartan Sample
  • MacLaine Tartan, Hunting Tartan, Mull Tartan, Dress Tartan 

If you are a clan member, or have any information on Charles McClain prior to 1735, please e-mail me!

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