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Updated April 11, 2001

Rural 911 addressing is intended to help direct emergency services to locations that currently only have a Rural Route or HCR box number.  It provides a street address for country farms, residences and businesses.  Not only do the ambulance, police and fire services benefit, but also delivery services such as UPS and FedEx.

The state is divided into a grid using existing one-mile Section Line roads.  North and south running Section Line roads are Avenues, east and west running Section Line roads are Streets.  The Avenue numbers get larger as you travel east, the Street numbers get larger as you travel south, starting from the respective state borders, in one mile increments.
The addresses use a 5-digit number, the first three being the Street or Avenue number (such as 148) and the last two being the lot number within that one mile section (00 to 99).
Each mile between Section Lines is divided into 100 possible lots (addresses), or 50 lots on each side of the road, at 105.6 feet per lot.  Even numbered addresses are on the north and east sides of the section line roads, odd numbered addresses are on south and west sides.  So an address of 14850 305th Avenue would be about 1/2 mile south of the intersection of 148th Street and 305th Avenue, along 305th Avenue, on the east (even) side of the road.  And likewise, 30525 148th Street would be about 1/4 mile east of 305th Avenue, along 148th Street, on the south (odd) side of the road.
Where there is more than one residence on a lot, such as a trailer house behind the main house, we assign a letter to the main address.  An example would be 30525A 148th Street.  This tells us that there is another residence behind 30525 148th Street, on the same lot.
Roadways that do not follow section lines, or that angle or meander, may be assigned names other than the state grid numbers for Streets and Avenues (such as West Whitlock Road which meanders into West Whitlock State Park).
Existing Federal and State Highways in Potter County will keep their names, such as US HWY 212 and SD HWY 47.
Potter County highways will use the new Street and Avenue numbers, for example: County Highway #155 will be addressed as 311th Avenue.  This should not cause confusion, as Potter County has never posted their highways with the old numbers anyway.
All residents within the corporate limits of a municipality (Gettysburg, Hoven, Lebanon, Tolstoy) will retain current street addresses. Note also that the city of Gettysburg has thier odd and even sides reversed, as well as having "streets" running north and south, and "avenues" running east and west, contrary to the state standard. This is not unusual in some South Dakota cities, and was done by the cities long before rural addressing was implemented.
Large trailer parks and rural subdivisions in Potter County, including South Whitlock's and Bob's, will be addressed using the main building or entrance as the address, and include the existing lot number as assigned by the property owner, such as:  29500 US HWY 212 - Lot #10, Gettysburg SD 57442.
The West Whitlock trailer park will use existing streets and numbers, as if it were a town, but add "West Whitlock", such as: 123 Pike Street - West Whitlock, Gettysburg SD 57442.

The following roadways will be named:
The Hurley Lake access road which meanders south and west from 158th Street = Hurley Place.
The access road to West Whitlock State Park from SD Hwy 1804, west = West Whitlock Road.
The access road (Old US 212) to East Whitlock State Park from SD Hwy 1804 west = East Whitlock Road.
The Dodge Draw road (155th St.) from SD Hwy 83, west, to Dodge Draw Boat Ramp = Dodge Draw Road.
Old US Hwy 212 from new US Hwy 212, east, to Riverview campground = Old US 212.
Private drive from SD Hwy 20, south, on Rausch land = Hereford Road.
The driveway to the Gettysburg Airport east from 310th Avenue = Airport Place.

The free and widely distributed paper-back 8"x 11" Potter-Sully County-Wide Directory pubished by County-Wide Directory LLC of Larchwood, IA, has the following mapping errors:
1. The Avenue numbers across the top of the map pages are totally wrong in the 1999 issue.
2. The Avenue numbers were corrected in the 2000 issue with one error:  There is not supposed to be a 289th Avenue in Potter and Sully Counties.  This Avenue number is to be skipped because of the correction lines in Section Line mapping (due to the curve of the earth's surface).  The 298th Avenue is correctly skipped on the maps for that same reason.  So driving west from US Hwy 83 (304 Avenue) you would cross Avenues in this order:
303, 302, 301, 300, 299, 297, 296, 295, 294, 293, 292, 291, 290, 288, 287, etc.
The Street numbers down the map's right side are correct in the 1999 and 2000 issues.

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