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Follow this link to find  information about weed free forage.  It applies to the Black Hills National Forest, Buffalo Gap National Grassland and Ft. Pierre National Grassland (all are administered by the Forest Service and all are in South Dakota). http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/news/weed_free_order/index.shtml Certified hay is NOT a requirement if you are camping on private property or in a private horse camp facility unless stipulated by the owner.

Also, Badlands National Park requires weed free forage. This is a great link to find out trail riding  information pertaining to this area.  http://www.nps.gov/badl/brochures/horse.pdf

The South Dakota State Department of Agriculture has a website that describes the weed free forage certification process http://www.state.sd.us/doa/das/wff.html

     Update - West River Cert Hay Supplies Uncertain
                As  The Drought Continues

If you are planning to camp in a state or federally managed campground—or a dispersed site somewhere in the BHNF, be certain you have a supply of certified hay with you.  If you are from out of state, be sure to check with your hay supplier that his product meets SD, WY,MT hay standards or you won’t be permitted to use it.
A number of private horse camp vendors require certified hay and they  may have a good supply on hand at a reasonable price which takes one less item off your shopping list. Weed free forage producers may have sold out their certified product so early bird trail riders coming into western SD are advised to make arrangements for hay before coming.
Local feed and seed businesses most likely to have certified hay continually available are:
Zip Feed & Poultry
@ 3782 E Hwy 44 or Call 605.393.2211

Hy-Way Hardware & Bldg Cntr
On Hwy 385 in Hill City
Call 605.574.2035

    Call ahead to ensure producer has hay available. Follow this link to see a complete listing from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture: http://www.state.sd.us/doa/das/2002%20WFF%20PRODUCERS%20REPORT_1.html

                     EAST RIVER SD

Bruce Kleinjan  Bruce, SD  504.627.9492
Blue Grass/Alfalfa

Scott Wicks   Carpenter, SD  605.352.9802

David Hostetler  Chancellor, SD  605.647.5900
Grass Hay

Boyd King   Chamberlain, SD  605.734.5279
Oat Straw

Calvin Spaan   Corsica, SD  605.948.5366
Wheat Straw

Dale Rye    Renner, SD   605.543.5345
Brome Hay

Brian Nelson   Salem, SD   605.247.3457
Brome Grass

Lloyd Siemonsma  Sioux Falls  605.334.6217
Grass Hay

                      WEST RIVER SD

Ron Johnson    Caputa, SD  605.393.2253

Horse campers planning to stay at French Creek Horse Camp in Custer State Park should contact Phil Lampert @ 605.673.5436 who is the concessionaire at Blue Bell Trail Rides.  He may have sufficient hay on hand to sell in the park.

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