South Dakota Association of

Addiction and Prevention Professionals

As a member of SDAAPP you will also be a member of NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals.


Benefits of becoming a member:


· Affordable and comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage

· Free SDAAPP newsletter

· Free subscription to NAADAC’s official magazine, Addiction Professional

· Reduced rates for SDAAPP conferences

· Reduced rates for NAADAC’s national meeting & public policy conference

· Reduced rates for continuing education units

· Access to NAADAC News, only available to NAADAC members

· Scholarships to attend NAADAC conferences and seminars

· Call to Action Notices for Legislative issues

Membership Dues

Professional:  $110.00 ($85.00 NAADAC  $25.00 SDAAPP)

Full Associate:  $89.00 ($64.00 NAADAC  $25.00 SDAAPP)

Partial Associate:  $73.00 ($48.00 NAADAC  $25.00 SDAAPP)

Student:  $52.50  ($32.50 NAADAC  $25.00 SDAAPP)


As a member you will see a direct savings of $50.00 off your SDAAPP Conference Registrations.  When you attend both the Spring and Fall Conference you have automatically saved $100.00! 

How do I join?


You can join on-line on the NAADAC website or they can fax you an application.  If you have any questions you can call the

NAADAC office at 800-548-0497.